Thursday, 26 May 2016

Gold, pressure, adrenalina

Since the beginning of the year we witnessed a brilliant golden performance. Up ahead in the distance a shimmering light embraced first quarter and shined through the amazing 15.8% increase.
Last December gold was knocked down, reaching $1050, but quickly recovered and pinned new highs at $1282 in February and $1305 in April.
From technical viewpoint the February rally significantly pushed the price up and set bears calm, as they have been at large for the last two and a half years.
But the fundamental aspect caught traders in a landslide, facing a silhouette of bewilderment, as US economy strongly blows the wind of change. Fed’s rate hike definitely sube la adrenalina.
The sense of a suspense shivered and shadowed. So now gold walks the empty street on the boulevard of broken dreams. The restless stream is now caught up within the sound of silence.
Currently gold prices are under huge selling pressure during the last six sessions.  
The strong support located at the 55-day EMA was conquered and gold split the doubts that for shortly could move up, even hit intraday high at $1234.30. In elevated perspective, the resistance is planted in $1250.00 level and a vision of softly creeping breakout could lead the price towards $1265.00. A step back is very likely to support-turned-resistance at $1243.00.The short term rally could bring some small profits, but gold will loudly break the sound of silence in the long term run.